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Being a Brand Evangelist is in our nature

Sunblock has been the bane of the Kilmurry family vacation experience for as long as we’ve had kids. With six small children, we go through it like water on a hot beach. Inevitably, someone gets sunburned or they cry and wipe their eyes and then cry some more when it begins to sting. My wife, Shannon, finally took to the Internet in search of a solution. She came across an Australian sunblock called Blue Lizard. It was endorsed by a pediatrician (which is the same as a celebrity endorsement) so she gave it a try. It turned out to be everything it claimed to be. Several uses proved it only needed to be applied once and the stinging eyes were gone. Shannon converted from customer to Brand Evangelist. She would have done a commercial for free if she had been asked. She touted the awesomeness of this sunblock to any mom willing to listen on a hot, sunny day. She even converted a few of her friends, offering to make bulk orders to save on shipping. She became the type of customer every company dreams about. She is truly a Brand Evangelist. Heck, on any given sunny day, she might talk with greater ease and enthusiasm about this sunblock than her amazing experience with Jesus and His Church. How many of us can say that about something similar in our own lives? I know I can.


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