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You Are the Catholic Brand Now Available for Pre-Order!

It’s official! You Are the Catholic Brand is available for pre-order from Liguori Publications!


front coverIs there a brand you’re convinced everyone should try? What if that brand is the Catholic Church? How do you, as an individual or a parish, start evangelizing your Catholic faith with the same enthusiasm you let people know about your favorite car, restaurant, or clothing brand?

The most powerful marketing tool available to the Catholic Church is you and your faith—the dirt-under-your-fingernails, head-on-the-pillow-exhausted, self-dying, relentless kind of belief. You know your faith, you know your audience, and you personalize your message.

Matthew Kilmurry guides you on the path to becoming a brand evangelist for the Catholic faith, from crafting your personal faith mission statement to a personal inventory that helps you get to know your faith, and yourself. Using the tools in this book, you or your parish can become a brand evangelist—confidently sharing your faith and influencing others to love it as much as you do. Be converted anew—and go evangelize!


Matthew Kilmurry is a fresh and engaging new voice within the Catholic world. In his book, You Are the Catholic Brand, readers are afforded a penetrating look into Kilmurry’s marketing mind as he effectively enables you to share your love for Christ and his Church with a hungry world. This is a smartly conceived book that will certainly reshape the way people present their faith to the world.

-Kevin Wells, former sportswriter, speaker, and best-selling author of Burst: A Story of God’s Grace When Life Falls Apart

The Final Chapter

There is nothing more rewarding than sitting at the computer in the early morning with a cup of hot coffee and a computer screen showing the final chapter of my book. You Are the Catholic Brand is almost complete! Look for an update soon when it will be available.


Help me pick the best book cover!

I’m really excited about this. Liguori Publications is running a book cover contest. So far, designers have submitted 119 entries and Liguori Publications would love your feedback on the five best entries.

You can rate each book cover from 1-5 stars, five being the best rating. You can also leave feedback that will be helpful for the designers in the next round of edits.

What a great idea to create excitement around this important topic!

You are the Catholic Brand

An upcoming book from Matthew Kilmurry titled You are the Catholic Brand!, A Personal Guide to Supercharging Faith, presents the Good News in a completely unique way – through the lens of modern-day branding. Written like a family room conversation, Matthew walks with the readers from conversion to Catholic Christian Brand Evangelist and, in the process, takes the average Catholic and supercharges them.

You Are the Catholic Brand is both inspirational and practical, whimsical and full of anecdotes.

On this blog I will be posting excerpts and other insights to help Catholics become true Brand Evangelists for Christ and His Catholic Church.