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You Are the Catholic Brand Now Available!

It’s official! You Are the Catholic Brand is now available to order! You can purchase directly from the publisher, Liguori Publications or from Amazon. NOTE: I encourage you to purchase directly from the publisher as Amazon takes a large percentage. Support good Catholic publishers to ensure more good Catholic books.


front coverIs there a brand you’re convinced everyone should try? What if that brand is the Catholic Church? How do you, as an individual or a parish, start evangelizing your Catholic faith with the same enthusiasm you let people know about your favorite car, restaurant, or clothing brand?

The most powerful marketing tool available to the Catholic Church is you and your faith—the dirt-under-your-fingernails, head-on-the-pillow-exhausted, self-dying, relentless kind of belief. You know your faith, you know your audience, and you personalize your message.

Matthew Kilmurry guides you on the path to becoming a brand evangelist for the Catholic faith, from crafting your personal faith mission statement to a personal inventory that helps you get to know your faith, and yourself. Using the tools in this book, you or your parish can become a brand evangelist—confidently sharing your faith and influencing others to love it as much as you do. Be converted anew—and go evangelize!


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“I’m a sinner. You’re probably a sinner, too. And for sinners like us, the thought of representing Catholicism to the world isn’t just scary…it seems like the ultimate spiritual joke! But in this book, Matthew shows us how to represent and pass along our faith. It’s our job as Catholics – whether we’re ready or not!”
Lino Rulli

The Catholic Guy

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Author of Sinner and Saint

It’s not about perfection

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Powerful marketing tool

The most powerful marketing tool the Catholic Church has is you. 

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