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Brands are a permanent fixture in our culture

Achieving, managing and growing a brand is a concept now accepted by both CEOs and checkout counter clerks alike.  Brands have exploded on the scene and have become the watch word for our consumer culture. You can easily think of dozens of brands that are a part of your daily life. Many of us display them with pride on our clothes and the cars we drive. You may have also been through brand training as part of your work life. Companies are now requiring it for new employees and, more frequently, as refreshers every year of employment.

So, as Catholic Christians, what can we learn from brands?  Do we push them aside because of their secular concepts or are there practical applications to be used by us as followers of Christ?

First, it’s important to note that brands has always been around.  There is no person or organization that comes close to the success achieved by Jesus and the Catholic Church He established. Of course along with Jesus came the ever-present help of the Holy Spirit guiding and empowering – now that’s something Steve Jobs and Apple would have killed for!

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