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Matthew KilmurryMatthew Kilmurry is the former director of marketing at the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops. He developed web, mobile, and social strategies to promote the USCCB’s wide range of programs as well as worked on major efforts, such as the World Meeting of Families 2015. Currently, he is the senior director of marketing at an international law firm. Matthew earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Ohio State University and a master’s degree in marketing from Johns Hopkins University.

Matthew originally comes from the advertising agency world. He was a member of the digital marketing team at Crosby Marketing Communications and was also the founder of SurfTrends, a search engine optimization start-up.

front coverMatthew grew up in the typical American Catholic family. He attended Catholic grade school and went to Mass with his family every Sunday, but that’s where his faith ended. There was no talk of Jesus or His Catholic Church beyond the typical faith formation and sacramental preparation in school. Like many other cradle Catholics, then and now, Matthew drifted away from his faith during college. After college, Matthew began attending a high-energy, non-denominational Christian church. His faith was reignited and he developed a fervor for Jesus and His saving power. But, unbeknownst to Matthew, the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist was calling him home. Over a few years and dozens of books, which included both writings from the early Church fathers and contemporary authors such as Scott Hahn, Matthew made his way back home.


  1. Karen Cook Karen Cook

    Matthew, I was just told that you are an alum of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Grove City, Ohio. If this is fact, I would love to have a conversation with you about how far we have come since this sentence: “There was no talk of Jesus or His Catholic Church beyond the typical faith formation and sacramental preparation in school.” We are working on cultural shift to being a Church of Intentional Disciples. The struggle is real!

    Karen Cook
    Director of Pastoral Ministries

    • mkilmurry mkilmurry

      Hi Karen! Yes, I attended OLPH from 4th grade on. I loved my time there. I was an altar boy under Fr. Romano. My brother Mike Kilmurry and his family are current parishioners.

      The struggle is definitely real! I would enjoy meeting you the next time I’m home to visit family. God bless!

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